Serenity and Chaos by Karla Marie Roldan

You are the chaos in my thought.

The frustration I continually sought.

The sole poison in my mind,

Covering my eyes and making me blind.


The destruction of this ecosystem

Taking all the rules I have written.

Introducing a new set of colors

Bringing this soul in new wonders


Aghast – the change is troubling

Chaos – this soul is struggling

Yet, this creates a new kind of beat

A chaos where this heart finds peace.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

SDC13051Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
By Karla Marie Roldan

Before my eyes –  infinite darkness
Twisted fates
Endless winter
Pierced hearts
Wounded souls
Hope was lost

In my eyes – unravelling
Sweet serendipity
A beautiful spring
Brave hearts
Mended souls
Hope is redeemed

My eyes will see
A beautiful woven destiny
The sunshine in every season
Strong hearts
Unbreakable souls
Hope is here to stay.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Karla Marie M. Roldan

Under the blue moon,
She loses herself,
Listening to the melody of his voice,
Singing the songs of her heart
Crying out – breaking.
As the music flows
All their words, painted red,
Slowly loses its color –
Turned into deepest blue;
Her heart failed to see.
Under the blue moon,
She listens to the sound of his voice,
Heart breaking –
Soul Shattering –

July 31, 2015
9:35 pm

One Day by Karla Marie M. Roldan

This 🙂
One Day by Karla Marie M. Roldan

One day
You looked at me and smiled.
I looked away on the side
Not a single thought of how
Worlds would be intertwined.

One day
All you ever were is kind
And all I ever was is blind
Ignoring everything
Pushing it all aside.

One day
Strangers – that is all we were
Disconnected – we were a blur
Ignorant of how this world
Is weaved in mystery.

One day
You just came and gave me a smile
And I came following the tide.
Slowly, our fates crossed and
Feelings are waves with no end.

One day
The connection vanished.
Can do nothing – it vanquished.
Without anything – time passes.
Disappearing – life happens.

One day
The time lost was all regained.
And for once, it was all the same.
For once, for just a moment
For the last, there is no end.

One day
This seems like fate, You and I –
Perfect story, perfect lie.
Would have done, could have been
That is all it was, all it is.

One day
It is nothing but a sad tale.
Full of words we could not tell,
Of fear – we never even tried.
It is a perfect tragedy.

One day
Perhaps, the world will go insane
Things will turn, things will change
Paths will cross and hearts will gain
The courage that we need yesterday.

I Just Do

Well, just tried to write a poem that is not tragic 🙂 As many of us are romanticizing, what love is, I believe that it’s something that you can’t explain by just a simple definition yet it surpasses the feeling that we attach to it. Love will always be more than a feeling and it can’t be downsized to something that is temporal like infatuation. To love someone means more than anyone could explain.

I Just Do
by Karla Marie M. Roldan

I love her
By the way her eyes
Sparkle and then
the world turns bright.

I love her
For her precious smile-
That makes me want
to conquer the world.

I love her
For the sound of her voice
like melody in my ears
I love to hear even in sleep.

I love her
By the way her heart
As fragile as a flower’s
Easily forgives and forgets.

I love her
In many reasons there is
In many ways I can say
But still can’t explain.

I love her
In the absence of reason
I love her
For I know I was born to.

Fig tree by Karla Marie M. Roldan


Well, if you have read the book “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath, I think you can relate to this poem. If you haven’t , I hope you can relate to it by reading the words I have written 🙂

The Fig Tree by Karla Marie Roldan

There is nothing.
Not even silence.
I stared at that same tree –
Wondering – why?
One by one ,
Leaves were falling
Yet I couldn’t decide.
As each leaf drops, I lose.
Where should I go?
What should I do?
I couldn’t even tell but-
I stood up, trying to catch one.
It landed on my palm
But it vanished into thin air.
Why? I can’t even tell.
Tears came rolling.
It was all a lie.
The tree fooled me and
I am left nothing
Not even silence.

Defiance by Karla Marie M. Roldan

Well, it is not the same as my previous poems… It has a  different tone and theme and I seldom write poems of this sort. It is the poem that popped to my mind when I felt that everything is… Well,  I think you’ll get the meaning as you read. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Defiance  by Karla Marie M. Roldan

I can hear them-
Their twisted thoughts
And egoistic Minds.

Voices buzzing
With senseless words
Floating like empty balloons.

I don’t want to hear
Nor let the dark clouds
Invade my deepest thoughts.

I want to leave – shut it out
Or let this voice be heard yet
It is a game with no winning.

I am losing hope –
Felt like a losing faith
In all I thought I belong to.

It is suffocating.
I can’t breathe yet
A part of me hesitates to leave.

Is this how it will be?
Should I lose my soul
Or lose my world?

My heart is torn – afraid
Then I saw a streak of light
And I finally realize – – –

To choose is preposterous
For the soul chooses
The world it belongs to.