Archive | June 2016

The Afterthink by Karla Marie M. Roldan

When the stars aligned
And our paths finally crossed
I told myself, “This is it.”
This is it.
The start of brighter days –
Sunsets will be more beautiful
And every waking day is a blessing.
I look at your face
And all I see was the future.
I look into those eyes
Forever is all I saw
I was looking beyond.
I was looking beyond and
Forgot everyday.
I was looking straight to the sun
And I forgot there’s a shadow.
All those time,
I was waiting for the sunset –
To see its beauty once again,
I forgot all the hours between.
I was looking at your face
I was looking at those eyes
But I never saw the tears.
I was seeing the future
And I forgot the present –
That it doesn’t stop
When stars align and
Paths have crossed.
I held your hand.
I kept on walking –
Seeing the bright future,
The beautiful sunsets
But I never noticed
The rains you’ve been walking in,
The tides you’ve been facing,
The strength you’ve been keeping,
Trying to hold my hand
As I look beyond and walk ahead.
The stars aligned.
The paths have crossed.
I was given the present
But I was chasing the future.
Present turned to past,
Things of yesterday
I couldn’t take back.
No hand to hold
No tears to wipe anymore
Now, I see forever
And it is nothing
But losing you.