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It’s Okay To Be Sad…

Wendy Liu

Happiness is going to find you many times throughout your life. It will greet you like an old friend, and you will talk for hours about all of the beautiful memories you have shared before it has to run to catch its train or make it home in time for dinner. See, happiness is…

via Happiness Leaves (But It Always Comes Back) — Thought Catalog


Silence by Karla Marie Roldan


A word

A glance

A touch

Stillness –

Freeze the time.

Stop the clock.

Hearts in motion,

Savor the moment.


It’s all gone.

Stories – it’s all become.

Moments to memories,

Memories – invisible bridge

To our past

And future

All I have –

All I made –

And here

In silence,

I will stay.

  • Karla Marie Roldan

Serenity and Chaos by Karla Marie Roldan

You are the chaos in my thought.

The frustration I continually sought.

The sole poison in my mind,

Covering my eyes and making me blind.


The destruction of this ecosystem

Taking all the rules I have written.

Introducing a new set of colors

Bringing this soul in new wonders


Aghast – the change is troubling

Chaos – this soul is struggling

Yet, this creates a new kind of beat

A chaos where this heart finds peace.