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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

SDC13051Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
By Karla Marie Roldan

Before my eyes –  infinite darkness
Twisted fates
Endless winter
Pierced hearts
Wounded souls
Hope was lost

In my eyes – unravelling
Sweet serendipity
A beautiful spring
Brave hearts
Mended souls
Hope is redeemed

My eyes will see
A beautiful woven destiny
The sunshine in every season
Strong hearts
Unbreakable souls
Hope is here to stay.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Karla Marie M. Roldan

Under the blue moon,
She loses herself,
Listening to the melody of his voice,
Singing the songs of her heart
Crying out – breaking.
As the music flows
All their words, painted red,
Slowly loses its color –
Turned into deepest blue;
Her heart failed to see.
Under the blue moon,
She listens to the sound of his voice,
Heart breaking –
Soul Shattering –

July 31, 2015
9:35 pm