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One Day by Karla Marie M. Roldan

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One Day by Karla Marie M. Roldan

One day
You looked at me and smiled.
I looked away on the side
Not a single thought of how
Worlds would be intertwined.

One day
All you ever were is kind
And all I ever was is blind
Ignoring everything
Pushing it all aside.

One day
Strangers – that is all we were
Disconnected – we were a blur
Ignorant of how this world
Is weaved in mystery.

One day
You just came and gave me a smile
And I came following the tide.
Slowly, our fates crossed and
Feelings are waves with no end.

One day
The connection vanished.
Can do nothing – it vanquished.
Without anything – time passes.
Disappearing – life happens.

One day
The time lost was all regained.
And for once, it was all the same.
For once, for just a moment
For the last, there is no end.

One day
This seems like fate, You and I –
Perfect story, perfect lie.
Would have done, could have been
That is all it was, all it is.

One day
It is nothing but a sad tale.
Full of words we could not tell,
Of fear – we never even tried.
It is a perfect tragedy.

One day
Perhaps, the world will go insane
Things will turn, things will change
Paths will cross and hearts will gain
The courage that we need yesterday.