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I Just Do

Well, just tried to write a poem that is not tragic 🙂 As many of us are romanticizing, what love is, I believe that it’s something that you can’t explain by just a simple definition yet it surpasses the feeling that we attach to it. Love will always be more than a feeling and it can’t be downsized to something that is temporal like infatuation. To love someone means more than anyone could explain.

I Just Do
by Karla Marie M. Roldan

I love her
By the way her eyes
Sparkle and then
the world turns bright.

I love her
For her precious smile-
That makes me want
to conquer the world.

I love her
For the sound of her voice
like melody in my ears
I love to hear even in sleep.

I love her
By the way her heart
As fragile as a flower’s
Easily forgives and forgets.

I love her
In many reasons there is
In many ways I can say
But still can’t explain.

I love her
In the absence of reason
I love her
For I know I was born to.