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Fig tree by Karla Marie M. Roldan


Well, if you have read the book “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath, I think you can relate to this poem. If you haven’t , I hope you can relate to it by reading the words I have written 🙂

The Fig Tree by Karla Marie Roldan

There is nothing.
Not even silence.
I stared at that same tree –
Wondering – why?
One by one ,
Leaves were falling
Yet I couldn’t decide.
As each leaf drops, I lose.
Where should I go?
What should I do?
I couldn’t even tell but-
I stood up, trying to catch one.
It landed on my palm
But it vanished into thin air.
Why? I can’t even tell.
Tears came rolling.
It was all a lie.
The tree fooled me and
I am left nothing
Not even silence.

Defiance by Karla Marie M. Roldan

Well, it is not the same as my previous poems… It has a  different tone and theme and I seldom write poems of this sort. It is the poem that popped to my mind when I felt that everything is… Well,  I think you’ll get the meaning as you read. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Defiance  by Karla Marie M. Roldan

I can hear them-
Their twisted thoughts
And egoistic Minds.

Voices buzzing
With senseless words
Floating like empty balloons.

I don’t want to hear
Nor let the dark clouds
Invade my deepest thoughts.

I want to leave – shut it out
Or let this voice be heard yet
It is a game with no winning.

I am losing hope –
Felt like a losing faith
In all I thought I belong to.

It is suffocating.
I can’t breathe yet
A part of me hesitates to leave.

Is this how it will be?
Should I lose my soul
Or lose my world?

My heart is torn – afraid
Then I saw a streak of light
And I finally realize – – –

To choose is preposterous
For the soul chooses
The world it belongs to.