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I Hate and Love February by Karla Marie Roldan

“I hate Feb 14”
That is my late night post on Valentine’s Day. It sounds bitter and there is no doubt that all of my friends are thinking of the same thing as the reason. Well, I can’t blame them for I posted it on the day where all of the couples are on the streets, celebrating their love, while here I am still single. The timing is good but I have to say that it isn’t the reason. So what exactly happened last February 14? Well, I can’t really describe it because I don’t think that an adjective is enough for it but I think it I can say that it is an exaggeration of unfortunate things that can possibly happen in one day.

Okay, you will say I am exaggerating but let’s plot the events of that day to justify my exaggeration.

It started on having a set of cancelled appointments that led me to have a group date with my college friends. We watched a movie and we planned to go to the fireworks display. We planned but it never happen. Why? It is because after watching the movie, we spent our 3 1/2 hours on walking just to find for a place to eat. Take note of that – 3 hours and 30 minutes. Stepping out of the cinema, all of us were hungry already yet it took us 3 hours and 30 minutes of walking before we can finally eat. How? Well, we just never thought that the mall will be full of people (literally speaking). Every restaurant or fast food chain is full of people! It doesn’t matter what kind of diner is that, expensive or not, it is all fully loaded with people so we have to go somewhere else. We resolved it by going to a place that we knew to have a lot of diners. We thought we can go there just by walking because it seems near enough and we did,  though it took us a couple of hours to go there. When we reached the place, we are distraught to find out that the diners just offer seafood and unfortunately, my friend is allergic to it. With our angry tummies, we walked around the area to look for a place that offers other food besides seafood but our efforts are wasted. We couldn’t find any.Three hours have passed and yet we are still looking for a place to it. We are all hungry, tired and probably, can’t think straight already (Okay, it sounds weird but at that time, I actually thought I will lose my mind!).

We are hopeless, so out of desperation and our will to survive, we deided to eat in Jolibee instead. After we have come to that decision, we spent the next 30 minutes on walking to Jolibee because it is quite far from where we are. As we are slowly getting a sight of the fast food chain, I can feel a sense of success and relief. I felt relieved but as we arrived, it is closing already. I felt like having a shattered hope at that time. We felt devastated though we are laughing at that time. We intend to walk to the other Jolibee branch a couple of blocks from there but we are too tired so we took a tricycle instead. When we reached the other Jolibee branch and that is the time that we are able to eat at last. After eating, we all went home and I though, I had enough for the day. We thought we had enough for the day but we were totally and absolutely wrong. As we are going home, my friend and I (we go home together) have the worst of luck of not having anything to ride on going home.

Riding a bus is impossible as all of them were fully loaded and riding a taxi is hopeless because none of the taxi drivers want to go on our way. We tried to wait but waiting is as hopeless as riding a taxi.We tried to walk up to the bus terminal thinking that it is easier to get on a bus or cab there but it was also unbelievably, impossible. We walk for the next two hours hoping that there will be a spot where a lot of people will get off a bus and we can finally get in or a cab who will be kind to let us ride without whining about the distance of our homes. In the middle of the night, still tired from the previous escapade, we walked for the next two hours or so. We felt scared. I felt like crying and when we come across a convenience store, we stopped by to rest for a little bit. That’s when I posted my “I hate Feb 14” status. After a couple of minutes, we continued and by God’s grace, after two minutes of hopeless waiting, a bus passed by and it is not fully loaded. We immediately got in and after 30 minutes, we were finally home.

So, it sounds like a hell of a night right? It is a night that you don’t want to happen again nor even remember. I don’t want that to happen again. It is kinda traumatic yet when I think of the people to whom I have spent the night with, I still feel happy. Three days have passed and when I try to recall February 14, I smile. I always do and that is when I realized that no matter how bad a situation can be, as long as you are with the people close to your heart, it doesn’t matter. One will still feel fine about it and find happiness in the midst of adversity. Moments shared with the people close to your heart will always be a treasure no matter what kind if situation it was. It is probably our worst day together yet I will always remember that day because i have shared it with the people close to my heart. I felt like crying that time but when I try to recall, I smile. I felt devastated yet it makes me smile. At that time, I know it is the worst day ever but now, I know that story will be one of my most memorable and funny experience that I can share someday. We may have felt like cursing the universe that day but I know for sure that when we try to recall it, it will be a memory that will make us laugh our hearts out.