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Waiting, Looking and Hoping


Waiting, looking and hoping are three words that ignite all the fire of our patience we have as long as we live.
Waiting. A word that I don’t want to do but I always have. In fact, we always wait even if we don’t want to. We wait in different kinds of situation for different kinds of reasons. Sometimes we just wait for a little time yet sometimes, we even wait for a lifetime. We wait for our food to arrive as we order. We wait for the bus to come as we go to school or work. We wait for our teacher or superiors before we start our class. We wait for the clock to strike at noon so we can have our lunch break. We wait for the time we can go home already. We wait for summer or winter.We wait until we graduate college. We wait for our job application results. We wait in all kinds of situation. We wait for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years or even a lifetime. We always do even if it doesn’t feel good. I mean, who likes to wait? I think half of you will say that you don’t like it and I have the same answer. One may have a lot of patience and can wait for a long time but still the feeling while waiting is not pleasurable. I, myself, have a long patience and I admit, I always wait for long periods of time, from a simple meet up where a friend is really late to those things that may take a lifetime to happen. I easily forgive a friend who is late but still, it doesn’t feel good. Who will say that they always enjoy waiting? Maybe at first it will be but as time goes by, it won’t be. It does not give you a good feeling but what keeps a person waiting? Maybe, you really want to see that person or it could be the answer to all your problems or you need to wait for it or simply it is the ony hope you have.

As I ponder about waiting, I can’t leave “hoping” behind. With the question, “What keeps a person waiting?”, I came up with hope. There is no greater force that will keep someone going if it is not of these three things: Faith, Hope and Love. I gave you three things but I’ll focus on hope because I think, with love and faith, a person hopes. It is what you do when you have faith or love to a person, you hope. No one can question how long a person hopes for it is a thing that you know when it starts but barely know how to stop it. Once a person gave his/ her faith and love to a person, he/she will hope and faith and love are things that sometimes you don’t know the reason. To stop your hope, you must lose the love and faith. It seems easy but I tell you it is not. You can’t just forget love. You can’t just forget faith. You may say that you don’t believe anymore, there is still a corner of your mind that still do and it will there who nows until when and that is the same with love. You hope with faith and love. We hope for better things because we have faith in God. We hope that a person will come because we have faith in him/her or because we love him/her. We hope that people will come back because we love them. We hope that they will not let you down because we faith in them.We hope that our dreams will come true because we faith that all things come together for good. We hope because believe. We hope because we love and with that hope, we are willing to wait no matter how long it takes.
That’s it, we hoping and waiting come together but what is it with looking? Well, as I think of it, it all goes back to our human nature. We always look. We depend on what our eyes can see but looking isn’t just wth our eyes. We look with our heart as well. Looking is finding something so what is exactly are we looking for? Happiness and self- worth. We always look for the things that will make us happy and feel that we are worth something – that we are something – from the simple invention of gadgets that satisfies our desire for happiness to the complex hunger for human interaction that defines our self- worth. That is what we are looking for and I think almost half of world population is successful with that. We want to be happy and to know that we are important and we do things to find that and one of them is hoping. So, we ca say that it all boils down to our own desires. We hope because we are looking and for that, we are willing to wait. As simple as that, yet hard to comprehend how should we stop.How can we stop when the reason is our desire for happiness and self-worth? I don’t even know how but somehow, I believe each of us will come to a point where enough is enough especially when waiting hurts to much. I’d like to think that there will be time that our minds will make a way for itself to stop feeling the hurt and all will be gone before we know it.