Archive | July 2014

Please Be Well


I know I have promised to myself that I will not think about you though I always caught myself waiting… I am trying, with all my heart and I know, somehow, I am getting there. I truly am but last night I dreamed about you…

It’s not a hopeful dream. It is just a normal one. We are with our friends. We are having fun except for you. You can’t even smile. You just stayed in a corner watching us to have fun. You look tired. You look lonely and I can’t make myself to go to you and ask you what’s wrong. I don’t know why I couldn’t. One by one, our friends are saying goodbyes and still, you stayed where you are. Someone asked you to come and join us taking pictures but you just smile and let us be. Then, one of them told me that maybe, you had a problem and that, I should ask you what it is – that I should comfort you. They asked me like it is my responsibility but it doesn’t matter. I became puzzled and my mind keeps on thinking about your burden that I texted you, “Are you okay? Wish you are :)”. After I send that message, I woke up from my dream.

I don’t know if my dream means anything or not. If it is somehow real or just a making of my imagination because in my subconscious, you live and in dreams, I can make it real without feeling guilty. But, I can’t stop thinking. I can’t stop worrying. If you are not okay, I hope you will be. It doesn’t matter if it is me who comfort you or not, the important thing is that you will be okay. It doesn’t matter what or who makes you happy as long as you are. I always pray for your happiness. I always do and always will. Please be well.