Archive | June 2014

Dead Stars by Karla Marie m. Roldan

In a year of three, I tried to find myself
As I live in mess, as live in fear
I tried to get up. I tried to stand still.
I faced the past. I faced the dark.
I left them all. I stayed alone
For I must do this on my own

Through all this I know she’s there.
Shining though the dark is suffocating
And brightening my dark days
She smiles though there’s tears in her eyes.
I can feel her pain but I am too weak.
I am not strong and so I let it be.

I want to wipe the tears but I couldn’t.
I want to catch her but I am scared.
I want to stay but I am unsteady.
I take my time finding myself
And let her go a thousand times
As I wait for the perfect time.

And now I come, forever to stay
I’ve found myself, I am brave
But now she’s lost, forever gone.
Her light died and I never knew.
I’ve found myself as she lose hers.
I came too late, I came too slow

Courage I gained but no one to show
For yesterday’s all I have but I let it roll.

Don’t by Karla Marie M. Roldan

Show any kindness-
Anything that will make this heart
Ride the same uncertainties once again.

Say that I am special-
It is what my heart yearns for
With my mind believing as a lie.

Tell me that you are here-
It makes me long for a presence
That was never present.

Make me feel that you’ll wipe the tears-
It makes me hold back and wait
For the day you will actually do.


Leave and be a thousand miles away-
It will tear the sunshine I have
Though haven’t known yet.

Take the light, the hope-
That breaks and unbreaks me everytime
But still holds me into this thing called life.