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Will I ever have that?


       Will I ever have that? 

A year ago, I made a wish… I made a wish so impossible yet that is all I ever wanted. As the days, weeks and months passed, I have seen that dream in progress. I have seen it shattered a thousand times. I have seen it through the darkest and have seen streaks of light as everything seems to blur. I wanted it and I still do – with all my heart I still do yet… There’s a big “yet” and “but”.

Until when will I wait? I have seen it and sometimes it seems so clear that I felt like on a cloud 9. I got more than what I wanted – or at least hope for when all the possibility is gone. And then, I learned to hope more… As I get overwhelmed, I learned to hope for that wish to really come true… I really hope “BIg” time yet that is all I got and everything is a blur and it manages to stay like that…

Is it worth the wait? I mean, will I wait or not? I have accepted everything and have been shattered many time and still, I hope for that dream to come true…

After all, that is all I ever wanted. Will I ever have that? Should I wait? But, until when?

I wish I knew. I wish I can see the end of it. But, wishes are unpredictable. Sometimes, we wish for something because that is all we could do. We wish for impossible things? But is it? I don’t even know if it is or not. 

I just hope that sooner or later, I will know. That someday, I can see the light – a clear vision of everything that I wish for.