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The Last Waltz by Karla Marie Roldan



The endless turning of keys

In stillness made me see

The beginning of a great story

The start of all the glory


In every rhythm there is silence,

That brought me nearer to happiness.

Dancing notes gave me a beautiful fairytale,

That exists in eternity to stay.


Every beat takes this heart –

Synchronized – can’t tear it apart.

With every step of every beat,

My heart sways with my own feet.


I move with the music leading the way,

Entranced, I let my emotions be swayed –

Submitting – every bit of this soul.

I am consumed. I can’t let go.


But the music slowly fades like a tale,

Leaving me in silence – a tragedy of fate.

I woke up with the truth of its ending

But I’ll always wait for the music – never ending.