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I lied

I lied

Maybe, it is the feeling of uncertainty and regret for not telling the truth that makes you ask yourself whether you have made the right decision or not…
Or if things will be better by saying the truth or much worse…

ICU Karla Marie M. Roldan

In the silence of his deepest sleep,
I can hear cry of helplessness,
The shrieks of pain he is to keep
And the plead of mercy to everyone.

In the calmness of his blunt face,
I can see drops of tears from aching,
The unfortunate frown from his desperate state
And the smile of a man with all certainty

He calls me as if I am the only one,
Hearing his call and seeing his pain;
Understanding his sentiments still undone;
Leaving me no choice but to save him.

Salvation – what is to be done for salvation?
Would it be a touch, a press, a switch?
Would it be tears, prayers, dedication?
Salvation – what is that salvation?

Torned between a sin and a deed,
I stood up and watched his glorious face.
With all the assurance of his certain need –
To be free – letting go in peace.

And I held his hand, with one trembling,
Reaching the Calvary that kept his soul—
And one press – the pain, the tears broke free.
One switch – an important wish is granted.

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The Torch by K.M.Roldan


In this wilderness we call Earth,

We strive, searching every purpose.

We live, trying to know one’s worth

And we dance, though all has been lost.

In every search and every strife,

Darkness will find us on our way—

Crashing our dreams and what’s in life,

But God prevails. A light to stay.

He gave the greatest gift of all.

A gift that bears the light that guides,

The eternal flames that breaks walls

And the fire that keeps dreams alive.

  Glad was I that God gave such light,

  But  more as I’ll be that same light.






Life is full of twists ad turns…
And often times you need someone to keep you on track…

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