The Book by Karla Marie Roldan

The Book 

When you walked in,
I felt that the time was finally right.
This is it. I may have found the one.
And it doesn’t take long
Before your hand landed on mine.
After a long time of waiting,
Someone finally found me –
Someone took a chance –
Someone took me home.
It was the best day of my life.
And every day,
Every single day
We would spend all our days exploring –
Satisfied in each other’s company.
Everything is perfect
With your eyes fixed on mine
Searching the words that I have
Traveling through my rough edges
And exploring everything that is in me
I got a taste of forever.
But I figured out that forever
Doesn’t seem long.
Forever may still end
And it did
As I found my words
Floating and losing
Not able to hold you anymore.
And I thought
Maybe it won’t last long either.
And I found myself
In the corner of your world
Waiting for a day
Or maybe two
Or maybe three.
Every single day,
I found myself waiting
For those eyes
For those hands
That once never let me go
To bring me back in your arms.
But those eyes
And those hands
They are fixed somewhere else
They are fixed on things
That is not me.
I can’t reach them now.
But your beautiful smile,
You are happy – still glowing
In something that is not me.
Now as I sit in the corner
Watching you – wondering
if forever can happen twice
Yet I am still glad, I am still here
Still fixed my eyes on you
With all the words
And the adventures
That you once loved and longed for.
I am still here – hoping for the time
These same words can bring you back.
Until then,
In this corner of your world
I’ll stay
Along with the other things forgotten
I will wait
I will wait for the hands
That once found me
To find me again.



The Afterthink by Karla Marie M. Roldan

When the stars aligned
And our paths finally crossed
I told myself, “This is it.”
This is it.
The start of brighter days –
Sunsets will be more beautiful
And every waking day is a blessing.
I look at your face
And all I see was the future.
I look into those eyes
Forever is all I saw
I was looking beyond.
I was looking beyond and
Forgot everyday.
I was looking straight to the sun
And I forgot there’s a shadow.
All those time,
I was waiting for the sunset –
To see its beauty once again,
I forgot all the hours between.
I was looking at your face
I was looking at those eyes
But I never saw the tears.
I was seeing the future
And I forgot the present –
That it doesn’t stop
When stars align and
Paths have crossed.
I held your hand.
I kept on walking –
Seeing the bright future,
The beautiful sunsets
But I never noticed
The rains you’ve been walking in,
The tides you’ve been facing,
The strength you’ve been keeping,
Trying to hold my hand
As I look beyond and walk ahead.
The stars aligned.
The paths have crossed.
I was given the present
But I was chasing the future.
Present turned to past,
Things of yesterday
I couldn’t take back.
No hand to hold
No tears to wipe anymore
Now, I see forever
And it is nothing
But losing you.

It’s Just There By Karla Marie Roldan


Where is it?
Did I leave it somewhere?
Did I lose it?
I know I did.
I did. I do.
I lose things
And so are you.
We all do
And if there would be a place
Where the lost things are,
I think it would be overcrowded.
Lost keys, wallets, phone , money, pens
You and I.
I feel lost. You feel lost.
We all feel lost.
Lost in this world
That has been holding us –
So tight, like chains
Pushing and pulling us
In different directions,
Different paths –
Paths our hearts
Don’t even want to go to.
And I am tired. You are tired.
We are all tired
And we want to rest.
We want to rest this heart
In a place we can call home
But it is not there.
We keep on looking for it
Among the million things
That we ever lost  –
But we couldn’t find it.
It’s not in the corners of your house,
Not even in the smiles of your family
And not in the eyes of the one that you love
I thought it is there. You thought so
But it’s not.
They make us happy,
Filling our hearts with joy
Only to find out that
At the end of the day –
When you are all alone –
You are still not home.
Because home
Is when your broken pieces
Are all together –
Stick together like stained glass,
Different colors,
Imperfect shapes
Fit together
A beautiful masterpiece.
Home is when you realize
Your broken pieces aren’t missing at all.
It’s just there.
Under the band aids
You used  – covering
All the heartaches,
All the pain,
And all the tears.
So take  off
All the band aids
All the masks
And look at them –
All the wounds,
All the tears
Honor them –
They are the proof
Of the strength
You have gathered all this time.
Bare them
For all to see
You are not
You are alive.
You are living.
Take off all the chains
That has been hurting for a long time
And trace the path
Your heart wants to take all this time
And if ever
You will find yourself –
Helpless  –
Don’t know where to go
Wanting those chains again,
To take a step forward and
Don’t look back.
We are not born
With chains
On our hands and feet
We are not born with them.
Our hands and feet know the way,
Just listen to your heart.
To every beat and
Hear the words you long to hear
And you will realize
That you were never lost
It’s been there all along
It’s just there.
And hear your own heart
Telling you,
“You are home.”

It’s Okay To Be Sad…

Wendy Liu

Happiness is going to find you many times throughout your life. It will greet you like an old friend, and you will talk for hours about all of the beautiful memories you have shared before it has to run to catch its train or make it home in time for dinner. See, happiness is…

via Happiness Leaves (But It Always Comes Back) — Thought Catalog

Silence by Karla Marie Roldan


A word

A glance

A touch

Stillness –

Freeze the time.

Stop the clock.

Hearts in motion,

Savor the moment.


It’s all gone.

Stories – it’s all become.

Moments to memories,

Memories – invisible bridge

To our past

And future

All I have –

All I made –

And here

In silence,

I will stay.

  • Karla Marie Roldan

Serenity and Chaos by Karla Marie Roldan

You are the chaos in my thought.

The frustration I continually sought.

The sole poison in my mind,

Covering my eyes and making me blind.


The destruction of this ecosystem

Taking all the rules I have written.

Introducing a new set of colors

Bringing this soul in new wonders


Aghast – the change is troubling

Chaos – this soul is struggling

Yet, this creates a new kind of beat

A chaos where this heart finds peace.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

SDC13051Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
By Karla Marie Roldan

Before my eyes –  infinite darkness
Twisted fates
Endless winter
Pierced hearts
Wounded souls
Hope was lost

In my eyes – unravelling
Sweet serendipity
A beautiful spring
Brave hearts
Mended souls
Hope is redeemed

My eyes will see
A beautiful woven destiny
The sunshine in every season
Strong hearts
Unbreakable souls
Hope is here to stay.